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Chemical Caddy

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Vývojář: Pest Genie Pty Ltd

Chemical Caddy Mobile provides a suite of tools to manages turf operations, facilitate compliance with quality assurance, chemical safety and WHS obligations and provide comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Features at a glance:

Advanced Solution Finder - The Crop Protection Expert module helps you to locate the most suitable pesticide solution for a particular situation in 3 easy steps.

Operations Recording - Record chemical treatments, fertilizer applications and other operations to meet legal, industry and quality control requirements

Product Information - real time access to the most up-to-date farm chemical product information, with an extensive proprietary database of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and label information comprised of 7 million chemical records.

Chemical Register - Legally required inventory list of stored chemicals
- Quick access to SDS for your products
- View risk assessments for your products
- View Q-Chart’s for your products
- Easy update of stored chemical quantities

Dangerous Goods Manifest- Automatically generated GHS compliant Manifest

Chemical Segregation Tool– guides users through the process of correctly segregating incompatible chemicals.

Notification of Changes - Receive email alerts when the SDS and labels of products in your chemical register are updated, ensuring that your records are continually up to date.

Please note, you require a Chemical Caddy subscription to use this app. If you are not subscribed to Chemical Caddy, please go to www.chemicalcaddy.com.au to subscribe online or call us on 1300 659 965 (Australia only).